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If you are ready to scale and have full control of your eCommerce operation, then you are ready for PRO
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PRO is the perfect tailored solution to help your business get to the next level. It offers all of the important features for growing an eCommerce operation.

PRO is your plot of land in the digital sphere. It is your brand online, open for the world to see and ready for expansion. It is digital property that you control and have full ownership of.

Designed with scale in mind, PRO features live distributor integrations. You no longer have to worry about stock. We set up your store so that you are in sync with your distributor with real-time inventory. When a product is ordered through your site, it will go straight to your distributor for fulfillment, minimizing the hassle of storing inventory yourself. With over 25,000 products to choose from, you will have more than enough to run a successful eCommerce store.

Beautiful Design

PRO features a perfect UI/UX design created for you by our design professionals. After we receive your content, our Development Team carefully analyzes it and goes to work, creating a unique website tailored to your brand. We advise you and only use the best practices for UI/UX design, creating a website that will keep customers coming back for more. Trust our years of consultative experience, and we will create a site that is built to sell and scale.


Giving your store the tools it needs

Live Chat

  • – Provide real-time support to your customers with Tawk.to Live chat.
  • – Stay in touch with customers from your computer or mobile app.
    •      iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OSX mobile app.

ESZ API Extension

– Real-time inventory updates with your distributor.
– API Integration makes drop-shipping a breeze and saves on inventory costs.
– Gives you access to over 25,000 distributor products.

Countdown Deals

– Premium selling features inspire your customers to buy now.
– Create unique deals and offers that are too good to resist.
– Use the Countdown function to let customers know when unique deals expire.

Advanced Search Engine

– Find exactly what you are looking for with a premium search engine.
– Advanced search speed functionality.
– Search by category names, custom options, and products with ease.

Social Media Login

– Social Login will auto-take personal information from social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, Instead of signing up a new account by Magento default.
– Social Login is designed to simplify logins for end users.
– Increase signup rate up-to 30%!

Layered Navigation Filtering

– Premium navigation features allow you to find products based on multiple filters.
– Find products based on manufacturer, product attributes and more.

Product Review (Images)

– Allows customers upload images to product reviews.
– Gives a better scope of product size.
– Increases quality of reviews and the likelihood of purchase based on the review.

Product Labels

– Product Labels extension is an effective extension which attracts customers’ attention and motivates purchasing behavior.
– Appealing sales labels appointed to specific promotion campaign will support store owners to increase conversion rate then boost their sales significantly.
– Product Labels module allows admins to customize labels quickly and freely.

Сoupons, Discounts

– Make a discount for one or group of products.
– Make your own discounts and coupons.
– Make a surprise for your loyal customers.

Frequently Bought Together

– Frequently Bought Together Extension is a tool that allows suggesting related products for customers and helps online stores boost sales.
– Add all items to their cart simultaneously.


– Google reCaptcha extension for Magento 2 helps you create a shield which protects your store from spams and bots.
– Invisible reCaptcha is implemented into the module to help improve user experience and conversion rates

SEO extension

-Magento 2 SEO Extension has a bundle of outstanding features.
-It is also friendly with your store if you need to insert meta keywords and meta descriptions for your product.
– It will perform perfectly to better your SEO


– Magento 2 Backend Reindex extension allows store admins to update individual or all indexes manually right from the admin backend easily instead of running the command line.


– Cookies are tiny little text files which are downloaded from websites to the client’s device when they surf the web.
– These are used to store data about the users’ activity and can be read by websites during future requests to tailor the users experience and provide advanced functionality.

Rewards Program

– Design an effective loyalty program
– Reward customers for every profitable action
– Gamify shopping experience using a tiered loyalty program
– Motivate existing customers to refer their friends and family

Google map

– A convenient map is located right on your website

Facebook Comments

– A quick way to leave a comment on your website in 2 clicks. It’s important to know that comments on website increase your audience.

Facebook Like

– Increase the number of likes on the record using “Facebook Likes".

Facebook Page

– Add “Facebook Page" to your website, this raises trust to your online store.

Twitter Button

– It gives users the opportunity to share a link on interesting material. And for you it’s opportunity to increase you audience. Using the button, you can tweet in one click, tell your friends about an interesting article or website

Twitter timeline

– This function shows tweets from Twitter, which allows you to always show the latest information about your business.

Pinterest Button

– It helps to quickly distribute pictures on your website in Pinterest which helps to promote your website.

Instagram extension

– Allows you to post on your website posts from Instagram, which contributes to SEO promotion.

Flickr extension

– Flickr is high-quality storage service of your photos, pictures. This feature allows you to display your Flickr image gallery on your website.

Video Player

– Add any video materials to your website, which contributes to the interest and advertising of your products.

Progress bar

– Allows you to demonstrate your achievement indicators as a percentage

Number Counter

– An analogue of “Progress bar", but display in a different way


– Convenient placement of reviews about your company or products on your website.

Store Pickup

– Magento 2 Store Pickup Extension allows your customers to order product online and pickup from the nearest store. Add “store pickup" as a shipping method in your Magento 2 checkout and let customers select the nearest offline shop to collect their product and save shipping time and cost.

Newsletter Subscription

– The ability to collect subscribers directly on the website and integrate the list of subscribers into the MailChimp service


Best-in-class UX and compelling functionality under the hood – we deliver the best of both worlds

  • Access to ESZ Banner Library
  • Access to ESZ University
  • Access to ESZ Dashboard
  • ESZ API: Live distributor Integrations (Drop shipment)
  • Pre-configured Distributor Categories
  • Basic Product Configurations
  • Quality Assurance for multi-browser compatibility
  • Payment Processor Integration
  • VPS
  • About 25,000+ SKUs to choose from
  • Installation of latest Magento Community Edition
  • Tailored branded theme design
  • Email setup with your branded Logo
  • Topflight Server Configuration
  • SSL Set up
  • Testing

PRO Package

Resource Requirements

By choosing a PRO package, you pride yourself as a dealer who is ready to grow his/her brand. You understand that this is a serious business and commit to putting in the time and effort to making a digital storefront work. If you put in the necessary time and effort then you will witness the growth of your brand right before your eyes. But, you have to put in the work.

With that all said, you need to commit to having at least one full-time person to manage your store in the beginning. We will train this person how to manage the store, but it is up to you to make it a success. You will get out of your eCommerce operation what you put into it.

Over time you will want someone in charge of sales, customer support, content, and so on as your digital storefront scales. You need to treat this like any other business and nurture its growth with the proper staff and customer support.